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Connecting and Celebrating Our Communities.

Community service is the driving force behind Independent Newsmedia.

Whether it’s covering the news of city hall, promoting the efforts of a local service club or highlighting a student of the month – everything we do is aimed at reinforcing and strengthening the bonds that connect our citizens and our communities.

We pursue this mission by publishing community newspapers and creating citizen-driven community websites. We are a nonpartisan news organization that informs our citizens about issues that impact their lives, their families and their neighborhoods.

Our readers rely on us for unbiased coverage of local news, but they also use our products to connect and engage with their fellow citizens. Robust opinions platforms, comprehensive community calendars and a rich assortment of neighborhood news all combine to celebrate the collective personality of our communities.

We depend on our readers to support our journalism and we are grateful for public support of our efforts.

Our unique structure is designed to maintain our independence. We are owned by a nonprofit trust. There are no shareholders, no dividends are paid, and all after-tax profits are reinvested in our journalistic mission.

We rely on a combination of business advertising, reader contributions, grants and corporate sponsorships to support our journalism. Our readers support us because they understand the vital role a free and unbiased press plays in our democracy.

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Contributors donate solely on the basis of their desire to support local journalism, and do not influence decisions of our teams of journalists. While we always appreciate story suggestions, our members support us because they share our belief that good journalism must be independent, civil and unbiased.