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Dear Readers,

Over the past 15 years, the U.S. has lost 2,100 newspapers, leaving at least 1,800 communities that had a local news outlet in 2004 without any. With many of the big newspaper chains that are draining every last drop of value from their products, this sad trend is likely to continue.

But our small company is committed to a revival of community journalism. The Daily Independent at YourValley.net provides news coverage for a number of communities throughout the Valley. 

Now more than ever, here is how people are turning to us for nonpartisan journalism and civil community dialogue: 

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Everything we do is aimed at reinforcing and strengthening the bonds that connect our citizens and our communities.

We are proudly nonpartisan.

Our readers rely on us for unbiased coverage, but they also use our products to engage with their fellow citizens through our robust opinions forum, Valley Voices.

We depend on our readers to support our journalism and we’re grateful for public support of our efforts.

Our unique structure is designed to maintain our independence. We’re owned by a nonprofit trust. There are no shareholders, no dividends are paid, and all after-tax profits are reinvested in our journalistic mission.

We rely on a combination of business advertising, reader contributions, grants and sponsorships to support our journalism. 

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Contributors donate solely to support local journalism, and do not influence our journalism. While we always appreciate story suggestions, our Independent Insiders support us because they share our belief that good journalism must be independent, civil and unbiased. Please email your suggestions personally to me at cbisson@newszap.com.

Thank you, take care & stay safe!

Charlene Bisson, Arizona Publisher, Independent Newsmedia

P.S. I invite you to read a message from our board chair, Joe Smyth, about why our newspapers are surviving when so many others are failing. 


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